AML Group

2014 - 2014

Developing custom modules and features for CMSs like Wordpress, Drupal and an MVC framework CodeIgniter.

Lead developer over “Which blue are you 2015” campaign (www.whichblueareyou.com)

  • Server configuration (Apache, MySQL, PHP5, PHP CLI and SSH keys)
  • Drupal CMS
  • Responsive design
  • Custom animation using GreenSock JS (www.greensock.com)
  • Penetration Testing using Kali Linux


Freelance Developer

2012 - 2017

Developed various websites and web applications using Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Magento and CodeIgniter.
- Implemented responsive design using Bootstrap 2/3 grid.
- Private and share hosting environment setup.
- Setup private servers which run Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
- Private repositories for code using Git.

Projects and examples:

Web Developer, NetPlayTV PLC

2013 - 2014

Development and maintaining Drupal modules of all NetPlayTV gambling web applications using PHP, NoSQL and SQL for back-end and HTML5, CSS3, JS for front end. :

- Developed Benchmarking Module, based on WebPageTest API, would run each day one test for desktop and mobile (Android and iOS).
- Developed Youtube Channel Playlist, as a hook to another Drupal module. It displays and inserts only videos from brand channel.
- Improved the performance of the application by applying minification and bundling to JS files as well as CSS and LESS.
- Responsible with managing and pushing assets.

Developed under MVC environment (CodeIgniter) auto-generated pages for SEO.
Using CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap 3, D3js and HighchartsJS, I have developed a UI environment where the business could see visually the roulette updates and statistics.
Agile environment with experience of Scrum using Jira to monitor progress.


Web Developer, PrintXpress

2012 - 2013

PrintXpress is a specialised company in printing and design.
I joined PrintXpress team as their first web developer. I had the opportunity to work hand in hand with the designers to develop responsive design, using Joomla Framework and Magento.